Eating Disorders

How can I Accept Myself after a Binge

First off, you have eaten food. That is all. It is not a disaster. It is not the end of the world. Your body can cope. The food is not harming you. You are fuelling your body, that is all. It is possible to pick yourself back up.

It is important now that you don’t get caught in a cycle of self-destruction and self-criticism. The things you do to punish yourself for bingeing may well be more harmful to your body than the food you have eaten. If you have strong negative feelings following the binge, do something that soothes you. It may sound cliched, but try to breathe deeply, and sloooow down.

Later on, when you are feeling more calm, you may want to try to trace back why you binged. Look back on the picture of your day. Was it partly out of hunger? How were you feeling beforehand? What were the emotions that were so difficult to contain?

For me it would often be a feeling of desperation, that I could not soothe. I might be terrified, or bored, or feel that I didn’t know what to do with myself – such a lack of purpose and direction that I felt I had to act now.

Now that you have identified some of the feelings and factors leading to bingeing, you have more choices. What you become aware of; you can change. Even if next time you only delay bingeing, that is a win. It takes a while to make new pathways in your brain.


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