Eating Disorders

How can I let go of the drive to lose weight?

When you notice the drive to lose weight, ask yourself: what is it that you want to get rid of? And no, the answer I’m looking for is not ‘my fatness’. What is it about yourself that you are trying to lose? What is it that you feel you have too much of? What does ‘fat’ mean to you?

Let me just say, that there is nothing as irrelevant to your character as how much you weigh and what shape you are. If you think about what you value in your friends, is it really their weight? Or is it how they make you feel, their positive qualities such as outgoingness, a sense of humour, and how they show that they care?

Is your weight really what you want to be remembered by? Is that the impact that you want to have on the world? Remember, you only have the one life to make of it what you will. And with your focus on losing weight, you will miss out on other important things, like relationships and opportunities.

I say again, there is nothing so irrelevant and meaningless as your weight. Be brave. Let in the possibility that you are more than your eating disorder, and you might just find so much more from life.


©2020 by Claire Turner

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